Patented technology: Each device in the system is powered by batteries. The panel and the peripherals are not connected to an external power source so can be installed virtually anywhere.

Alarm reporting: to monitoring station via IP, phone, or cell network.

Integrated Camera, motion sensor, Night-vision illuminators provide true night vision in total darkness: with the illuminators we are NOT 0.2 lux. This is only a camera spec and irrelevant for illuminated systems.

Applications: Protects everything everywhere: homes, businesses, fuel tanks, relay towers, electrical transfers, GSM Cell sites, air conditioning units, construction sites, marinas, motor homes ………

Products: The products in this line are:- The Panels, Motion viewer, Arming Systems, Siren, sensors, Accessories and software.

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Panel   Motion Viewer   Keypad    outdoor proximity Reader     Remote  Door contact Sensor   smoke sensor   



Give us a call and we will assist you in selecting the system that will best fits your situation and provide you with a customized system that is effective and efficient and tailored to your budget.


 Burglar Alarm brochure


Videofied Concept
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